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Unleash the full potential of your customer service with the integration of humans and AI. AI Rudder's cutting-edge voice AI assistants, effortlessly handle routine tasks and allow your agents to focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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Scale your repayment rates to an all time high

Consumer credit companies trust us to reactivate millions of their borrowers. We utilize natural voice technology with American accents indistinguishable from human interactions to remind and motivate segmented borrowers to take action. Our Voice AI obtains consent, sends follow-up messages, and helps you drive loan repayment success.

Qualify hundreds of loan applicants in minutes with automated AI calls

Free up valuable time for your team to focus on the most promising prospects with automated AI calls. Enjoy cost savings and seamless interactions, as our AI-powered voice AI robots deliver results that rival human performance. Streamline your loan application process with AI Rudder.

3X more call volume with the same cost with AICC

AICC - AI Contact Center triples your current call center volume by automating calls, letting AI resolve 80% of routine calls and only routing customers who require exceptional care to your human agents. Our Consumer Finance customers also verify end-users intentions and send follow-up messages to ensure customers' promises are met.

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About AI Rudder

AI Rudder transforms your customer engagement by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and human intuition. Over 200 enterprises across Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Americas leverage our practical AI expertise and operational experience to contact over a million end users every day.