Scale 3X more call volume with the same cost

AICC - AI Contact Center is an all-in-one contact center solution that streamlines, scales, and optimizes your customer operations.

High-performing agents are expensive to train and even harder to retain. Maximize their impact by only routing customers that require exceptional care.

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AI as your Contact Center

Up to 10x more call velocity

AI resolves up to 80% routine calls automatically

Analyze and triage call intentions

Your agents can only focus on meaningful calls

Unlock 3X volume with automated calling

With our predictive auto dialer, you can make 10,000+ calls simultaneously and only transfer connected calls to your agents. No more wasting time on incorrect numbers or unanswered calls - your agents can quickly connect to meaningful conversations, allowing them to handle up to three times more conversations.

Auto triage and resolve 80% of routine calls

Up to 80% of calls are automatically classified and resolved by AI without any human intervention. Our Consumer Finance customers verify end-users' intentions and qualify them before transferring to a live agent. And we will also send follow-up messages to lead end-users to meet their promise.

Delivering business outcomes

Up to


Higher call volume

Up to


Decrease in average handling time

Up to


Decrease in waiting time



Increase in first call resolution

Why work with AI Rudder?

Millions of calls daily

Rock solid infrastructure with millions of calls daily across 20+ markets.

Your KPIs. Our mission.

We only charge successful calls. Unconnected calls cost you money and time.



We use only providers that comply with SOC3 and are compliant ourselves.



Our team of experts serves you in your and your customers' timezones.

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We will contact you within 24 hours after the form submission.

About AI Rudder

AI Rudder transforms your customer engagement by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and human intuition. Over 200 enterprises across Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Americas leverage our practical AI expertise and operational experience to contact over a million end users every day.

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